CENTAURI Technologies, LP combines the unique processing capabilities of vapor and liquid phase fixed bed reactors at pressures to 1100 psig and temperatures to 600°F with batch reactions to 2000 psig on a commercial scale. When combined with the onsite synergies of batch and continuous distillations, CENTAURI offers multiple unit operations at a single site. With both adiabatic and non-adiabatic modes of operation in fixed bed reactions, CENTAURI features flexible, multipurpose production in addition to conventional batch slurry autoclaves and dual CSTR capabilities. Distillation options include batch or continuous operation with sidedraw capabilities at FV/100 psig at 600°F in multiple units with up to 60 theoretical stages with low pressure drop packing and falling film reboiler column configurations. Batch reaction services are provided with multiple reactors up to 11,000 gallons. These systems, when combined with rectification, provide specific added process capabilities in the production of several families of products. Onsite process storage is provided with more than 260,000 gallons of pressurized tankage, including 170,000 gallons of heated and pressure capable tanks. Process scale-up capabilities and technical support provide additional innovative manufacturing solutions and services.